Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lego Gummy Candy

For E.'s Lego birthday party, I wanted to make gummy candy using my Lego silicone mold I made. There were so many different recipes online. I ended up using a combination of this recipe and this recipe.

Gummy candy

  • 3 pkgs. unflavored gelatin (knox gelatine)
  • 1 pkg of flavored jello (3 oz)
  • 1 tablet of Vitamin C (500mg)
  • 1/2 cup iced water
  • Candy mold

  • The vitamin C is optional, but I have read that it makes the gummies a little more sour and flavorful. That it does and after making my first batch, I will continue to use the Vitamin C tablet for the tangy flavor it provides. With that said, should you choose to use it, crush the Vitamin C tablet with a knife until powdered.

    In 1/2 cup of icy cold water, slowly add the three packages gelatine. Constantly mix it so that the gelatine doesn't clump up at the top.

    Add the package of jello

    Mix well. Add the crushed Vitamin C and mix again. Allow to stand until mixture looks slushy.

    Microwave on high for 1 minute and 15 seconds (or just until top foams). With a large syringe fill candy molds. Put the syringe at the bottom of the container since it is has the fewest bubbles (giving the clearest gummies).

    Fill the candy mold slowly with the syringe.

    Put molds in freezer for 10 minutes or in the refrigerator to harden.

    Since I wanted the lego gummies to be stackable, I topped my mold with a lego base plate.

    Remove from freezer and pop gummies out of the mold. With some twisting, they should come right out.

    Store in airtight containers or Ziplock bag.

    Don't they look adorable? They are quite yummy too. One flavor down, a few more to go.


    1. These are truly wonderful!! I need to do a Lego Cake and I was thinking about decorating it with edible stack-able legos. Can you tell me how did you make the mold?? And where did you get that Lego base plate??

    2. You can get the instructions for the mold here:

      You can buy the Lego Base Plate at the Lego Store or online at most any store that sells legos.

    3. hi, they look lovely .. how long can they last / can be stored for ? any storing instructions? thanks

      1. I would store them sealed in the refrigerator if you aren't going to eat them right away. I would say to consume them within a couple of days.

    4. Hello! I love this!!! Can you tell me how the consistency compares to that of commercial gummy bears? Will these last sitting out at room temperature for several hours? Thanks so much!!

      1. The consistency is very similar to regular commercial gummy bears. I don't know if it would last several hours at room temperature because mine were all consumed right away.

    5. Any ideas how to make these if you don't have a microwave? Thanks!

      1. You boil the water over the stove! I try to use the easiest method for myself :)

    6. Hi, mine tasted awesome, the texture was *similar* to the regular store bought gummies, however, they were kind of sticky after setting.. sticking to each other....what do you think has gone wrong? thank you.

      1. Anne, thanks for trying the recipe! It's been a while since I've made gummies so I don't know why they were so sticky for you. Hopefully, they retained their shape after you de-stuck them.


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