Thursday, May 13, 2010

My House - the Dining Room

Here's my dining room. It's a hodge podge of different things, mostly clearance items that I have picked up through out the years. A lot of the things in my dining room were bought for other parts of the house, but that have now landed in here for one reason or another. For a room that we sit in once a year, I am pleased with the way it looks. I am especially happy about the cost to make up this room.

I bought the table at Pottery Barn Outlet for only $125. The tax on this table new would cost more than that! It actually seats 12, but I took out the two leaves so that it would be a perfect square. I wanted either a circle or a square table for the space and got just that.

There are a few blemishes and scratches so when I have the time one day, I plan on refinishing it to a rich espresso color or even paint it black. It's hard to stomach covering the grain so I am leaning towards re-staining. Yet, at the same time, I don't look forward to sanding it down to the grain in order to stain it. We had no real dining chairs for quite some time. I bought these comfy chairs at I waited for their 15% off furniture sale with free shipping and used my 10% off rewards at the same time. I paid $500 for 8 chairs, making each chair about $62.50 which isn't bad.

I fell in love with this chandelier and had bought it for my old house. When we decided to move, I tried to find another one for my new house, but was unable to do so, so I decided to take it with me.

I installed the home's original chandelier, but updated the brass color with a coat of black paint. Ironically, I got many compliments. Here's my old dining room with the home's original chandelier.

I bought this side table at Target one summer for 75%. It was only $67. It sat in my foyer for sometime, but once we bought our piano, it needed a new home and it fits perfectly in my dining room. Excuse the dust :)

I bought the lamp and vases at the same time and all at 75% off. It was from the same collection so I didn't have to think too much if it would work well together.

Each one was only $12. I thought that was a fantastic price.

Here's the burnt orange color I love so much. It's basically in every room in my house in some way.

The chair on the left I bought for the game room, but it turned out to be too big. I bought it at Haverty's. It was a little pricey, but I got them to knock a couple of hundred dollars off just by asking. It doesn't hurt to try to negotiate a better price. I didn't have to negotiate for the chair on the right. I bought it at one of my company's surplus sales for only $1. Yes, only a buck. I am not into high gloss so I plan on painting the arms and legs a satin black one of these days. I may or may not re-upholster the cushions. Right now, it's neutral enough to work well in any room.

I've had my eye on this painting for quite some time and was pleased to grab it when it dropped 30% off at Target. I used my rewards card for an additional 10% off. Score!

The mirror I bought at Garden Ridge. I needed another mirror for one of my bathrooms so I was excited to get it at their B1G1 sale.

My kids photo's flank the other wall. This is just temporary. I bought these frames at Pottery Barn Outlet as well for only $4.95 each! They were nearly 90% off with all the discounts.

I bought some canvas last month and plan on having each one of my kids paint something for me. Their artwork will be my artwork for this wall. I am excited to see what they come up with. I know I will love whatever they create.

I re-purposed this rug from my office. Of course, I had a $30 off coupon for this beauty. I love how it looks in the room.

I sewed the curtains one of the first weeks we moved in for privacy so it was made from left over $1/yd fabric (total cost $6.00). It was supposed to be a temporary solution, but I like the way it looks so it stayed in the room. I bought the roman shades from Target and cut them down to fit the window. The paint is a nice chocolate brown that just so happens to be oops paint from Home Depot. One can of paint for $5. I love the double crown molding in the room. The builder made that upgrade for free!

That's my budget friendly dining room in a nut shell. I am missing a chair in this picture. My husband nabbed one of my chairs for the day. I just noticed this picture is also missing my tree picture! Oops, but you get the picture!


  1. Your dining room is amazing. I am so jealous you have a pottery barn outlet. Love the table, and all the details.

  2. I know you created this post a couple of years ago, but I just stumbled across your dining room while Googling Pottery Barn Square Table. I'm looking for a used one myself. I need to let you know that your dining room is absolutely gorgeous. Every detail is thought out beautifully.
    Your Friend, m.


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