Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Making a Cupcake Stand

For E's Birthday, I decided that I wanted to have cupcakes. I did find several cupcake stands that were reasonably priced, but I wanted something a little more fun and colorful so I decided to make my own.

Supply List:
  • card board
  • glue
  • colorful paper
  • 2 salt containers
  • scissors
  • hot glue
I took a box I no longer needed and cut them into 3 circles.

I used the box that my patio set came in. I wanted the tray to be thick so I cut two pieces for every layer. For my cupcake stand, my circles were 7", 9", and 12". I used dishes and bowls I had around the house as a template for the circles. I wanted the largest circle to be 12" because scrapbook paper is 12" x 12". My cupcake stand holds about 24 cupcakes, but if you want it to hold more cupcakes, you can adjust the diameter of the circles.

After cutting the circles, glue the two layers of card board together using a spray glue. I am sure you can use any type of glue and it would work just fine.

Next, glue the card board pieces onto the scrapbook paper. Remove the excess paper by cutting around the circle. Wrapping paper or even paint can also be used as alternative choices.

To hide the edges, use decorative ribbon and glue them in place.

Fold the end piece of the ribbon and use a pin to hold it down. I could have removed the pin once the glue dried, but I liked the way it looked so I left it.

Remove the label off of the salt container. For my cupcake stand, I cut the salt container in half. I feel that this is a little short so I suggest that you cut it to have one piece 3/4 of the size. Discard the 1/4 piece. Do this for both salt containers.

Cut a strip of paper the height of the salt container. I used scrapbook paper once again so it was 12" long which is more than enough for the container.

Adhere the paper to the salt container with glue.

Assemble your pieces for your cupcake stand. If you want your stand to be sturdy, glue down the center pieces with some hot glue.

Add some cupcakes and you are done!

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