Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Craft Room in the Making

I have so many arts and supplies that it is spread through out the house. It's crazy to have to go from room to room to retrieve things for my craft projects. When Mr. N. said that he was moving out of his office to work upstairs for a more "feng-shui" environment, I was more than happy to move in.

There is a lot of furniture in the room, since it needs to accommodate my scrapbooking supplies, my sewing supplies, and still house places for all my computer needs.

I moved my bookshelves and filing cabinets into the room. I thought it would look a little funny, it being black and the rest being an espresso color, but because it is on different walls, I don't think it looks all that bad.

It is definitely my Pottery Barn loving room (of course that was before I discovered what I could do with a miter saw and some wood screws). I am happy with the results thus far, I was able to move the kids craft table into the room as well. My kids were ecstatic to have all their coloring supplies downstairs. There are still a few more finishing touches that I want to make. I plan on sewing new draperies. I made the ones hanging specifically for my hubby and now am wanting something a little more feminine. I also want to make something to store all my ribbons and fabric so that I am not searching through boxes for the perfect piece.

If you are curious about the furniture. The black book case and shelves are from PB's Bedford Collection, the espresso desk on the back wall is from PB's Thomas' Collection, and the Kid's table set are from PB's Carolina's Collection. I originally had the Bedford craft table, but decided to sell it because it was a little too tall for my liking. I couldn't use it to sew.

There you have it, my craft room in a nutshell. I look forward to adding the last details to finishing it off.

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  1. Wow you have a great, big craft room; very inspirational. I'm only over a year late finding this post, but hey I still enjoy it! Have you added anything new, moved things around? Just curious... Thanks for sharing.


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