Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lego Pops

In my research for E.'s Lego birthday party, I got the idea of making Lego Pops. I thought they were super cute and I had to duplicate them.

Start with jumbo marshmallows.

Slice the marshmallow for the tip of the mini-figure head.

Re-size the slice with a tip.

Remove the tip.

Apply to top of larger marshmallow and place on stick.

Prepare some candy melts.

Coat the marshmallow. Swirl to get even coat.

Allow to harden.

Use decorating gel to add faces.

I just copied whatever mini-figures I had laying on my kitchen counter.

Fun to look at, tasty to eat!


  1. I happened into your blog while looking up ideas for my son's Lego birthday party, and have been poring over your posts - it's like finding a more put together version of myself! I wish I'd known about microwaving the wax crayons (how has your mold held up? No problems microwaving silicone?) but that is over and done now. Anyway, thanks for sharing, I look forward to seeing your creations in the future!

  2. Thanks! My silicone mold is still great. With the extra silicone, I've used my kids large duplo blocks to make a bigger mold for more creations in the future.

  3. Love your ideas! How long before the party do you make the lego pops? (ie how long do they stay fresh?) Thanks!

    1. I made mine the day before, but I would gather that you could store them in an air tight container a few days before and it should be fine.

  4. I love your step by step posts. Makes it all seem so doable! How many lego pops were you able to make with what size candy melt bag (1 lb)? I'm asking a friend to bring me candy melts from abroad and want to calculate correctly. Thanks!

    1. I didn't really take into the maximum number of lego pops as I was just making enough for just the party, but I do recall that I had ample candy melts left since not much is used by the time you twirl and shake off the excess. 1 bag of candy melts should give you dozens of lego pops.


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