Monday, November 14, 2011

the ELF on the SHELF

Have you ever heard of the Elf on the Shelf? I just discovered it recently and decided to get one for the kids. After seeing all the ideas on pinterest, I know they will love it. I'm so excited! I can't wait to share it with them next week. After much researching to find the best deal, I came to the conclusion the price was the same everywhere. I could buy it at Amazon for no tax, at Target with my 5% discount, or at Barnes and Noble when they send me a discount coupon (which seems to be every other week during the holidays) I waited and low and behold in my inbox I discovered the coveted coupon I have been waiting for. I was expecting my 15% off coupon I usually get, but looky here.. a 50% OFF coupon!!!

I didn't know if the 50% off coupon would work for this item (since I was unsuccessful online) so I printed my 25% off coupon they just sent me for Veteran's day. I knew that coupon would definitely work. Either way, both deals were better than any deal elsewhere. With coupons in hand, off to the store I went and purchased it. I had NO problem using the 50% off coupon. My Elf on the Shelf was only $15.00!

If you want the same deal. Here's the coupon. I'd post the 25% off coupon, but it expired yesterday. If it doesn't work for Elf on the Shelf, getting 50% off any Children's book is still a great deal. Note, the coupon expires TODAY so get shopping if you want to use it. Check the website to see if they have it in stock at your local store before heading out. Happy Saving!!

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