Saturday, August 16, 2014

No Sew Baby Infant Tutu

Before my niece was born, I was off on a mission to figure out how to make a baby tutu for our first photo shoot.  Most tutus I found in the store were too big for what I needed so when I found this simple method, I was ecstatic.


I used my 50% off coupon at Michael's to pick up a roll of tulle.  I had 1/4" elastic at home already that I cut to 13 inches.


I sewed the elastic ends together so that it created a 12 inch band. I didn't know how big she was going to be so I just measured a newborn onesie.


Next, I cut strips of the tulle, folded it in half and tied a slip knot in the middle of the tulle.


I continued until the entire bolt of tulle was gone, placing the tulle evenly spaced around the elastic band.


I made a little tulle flower on the waist for a little extra touch.


Then, I made a matching headband.  I didn't know how to present it to my sister so I found one of A.'s teddy bears.  I thought it looked ridiculously cute.

And the final result of our photo shoot with the tutu turned out to be simply adorable.

Not bad for a 15 minute tutu I made during A.'s piano lesson.  Total cost for the tutu is $1.50 for the roll tulle.

After the blue tutu came a pink one which turned out to be just as cute.

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