Sunday, November 9, 2014

How to make a Burlap Wreath

It's been awhile since I have made any new decor for my door.  When someone posted on FB asking if anyone could make them a burlap wreath, I took that as a challenge.  I actually went shopping for the supplies the very next day with coupons in hand.  Fortunately, everything I needed was at Hobby Lobby so it was indeed a one-stop shop.  How did it turn out?  I really love it.  I love the colors and I love the rustic look the burlap gives.


Here's what you need:  A wire wreath, pipe cleaners, and whatever color burlap you want.  I ended using 30 feet of the base brown burlap and 5-7 feet of the other colors. 


Use wire cutters to cut the pipe cleaners to 1/3.


Insert the burlap into the wire wreath, attaching with the pipe cleaner.


Once attached, make another loop by inserting the burlap through the wreath again.

Scrunch up the burlap and tie the loops of the burlap together using a pipe cleaner.

You can then use your fingers to fluff the burlap.


Continue until the entire wire wreath is covered.

Add your second color weaving between the loops.


Next, comes your third and so forth.

I used 5 different variations of burlap for this wreath.  I added an "H" to the bow just because I thought it would be cute.


I love the end result.  Total cost was just shy of $30 for all the materials (only because I had 50% off everything).  Therefore, without coupons, it would be around $60 for all the materials.

I had so much fun, I made myself a couple of more wreaths.


The more you make, the more materials you can reuse (the pipe cleaners, the base burlap, etc), and the cheaper it gets.  The color combinations are unlimited.

I'm glad that I took on this challenge.  My sister is too because that is the wreath I made her for fall.  I love the yellow flowers!  I think I have to make myself one, but alas, I'm out of doors ;).  Maybe next year.

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