Thursday, January 21, 2010


It’s my first blog so introductions are in order. I’m
a 30’s woman, a mother of four boys (no you didn’t read that wrong) that strives to save and create while loving every minute of life with my five guys. I love decorating and sewing. I once woke up at 2am to sew my living room curtains so that they could be ironed and hung by the time my baby shower started and yes the curtains were even lined. I am crazy that way. I don’t procrastinate and I am a perfectionist in every way. It drives my family bonkers, but I simply can’t help it.

I’ve blogged about family and life before, but never about my ideas, inspirations, and crafts. My sister persuaded me to start a blog to share some of my cost-saving and creative ideas. My mother is a seamstress and my father is a cabinet maker so perhaps it is hereditary when it comes to building and creating things. I am always analyzing a piece of furniture to see how it is made or how things were sewn so that one day I can create my own version of it.

With four boys, it is definitely difficult to find the time, but when I do find the time (after they have gone to bed or gone off to school), standing back and looking at my accomplishment is one of the greatest feelings. I hope to share some of those ideas with you and I hope to inspire you to create, craft and save.


  1. hey lady, i love the princess peach crowns that you made...but i am so not crafy nor do i own a sewing machine. my daughter is going to be princess peach for halloween and i wanted to ask if you would possibly sell me one? i know halloween is super soon but id pay whatever to have you send me one...let me know!

    1. Thank you for your compliment, but I simply do not have time to make any crowns right now.


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