Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Pool Process - Sneak Peak of Completion

Technically, the pool is finished. Although, the builder still has a page-long to-do list I created that he needs to complete before I will admit that the process is officially done. We can't go swimming just yet because it is too acidic, but here is what it looks like.

Like building our home, it was such a long process, but well worth it in the end. I really love how it turned out.

I am guessing by the number of clients that our builder has sent our way to check out our pool, that our builder hasn't built a slide like this before.

I didn't like that we were the guinea pigs, but I am glad that I got what I wanted in the end. It took a lot of pictures, describing, translating, and redoing to get there.

My husband and kids' dream of having a pool is finally here. My dream of a landscaped yard will be here soon enough. I am counting the days I no longer have muddy fingernails and shoes, of no longer waking up with sore muscles. I am so ready to lay by the pool and just relax. Hmm...I need a chaise first. To build or buy???? Ask me in a week. Right now, I will say buy, but tomorrow, I may rethink and build my own. I have my eye on this one, but I bet I can make one for a fraction of the price. What do you think?


  1. Well, your builders did a good job on the pool! It looks fabulous. It looks like a modern stone-age pool! The slides look pretty cool too. I’m certain the kids would enjoy playing around there, once the water is good for swimming and dipping. Maybe you can put some huts and lounge beds on the poolside. That would be lovely!

  2. Thanks! We still have many improvements to make in our backyard before we can say we are complete. We hope to extend our covered porch for much needed shade, add more trees, and certainly figure out how to have a outdoor kitchen in our tiny backyard. We hope to start some bigger renovations back there next year!

  3. Your plan sounds great! I’m sure the finishing touches would make the place more beautiful as it is. And an extended porch and additional plants can be functional too. The porch can serve as a resting place once the kids are done swimming. It can also be an ideal place to relax and have some quality time with them. And the trees will lend shade to the space, which is very pleasant, especially during sunny days.


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