Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My three munchkins...

Meet Luigi, Mario, and Toad...well, the asian version.

I was finally able to capture a picture of my boys in their costume this year. This is a rarity.

All three of them decided they wanted to be Super Mario characters and fortunately, it worked out perfectly. E. was Luigi, R. was Mario, and my little A. was Toad.

Just in case you're not a Mario fan and don't know why they keep raising their hands in these pictures, my boys are showing their video game moves (of capturing stars).

Since my hubby didn't like the store bought costumes, I went ahead and found some overalls at the good will store. The t-shirts were bought at Target. I used their Mario caps I sewed them for E.'s 6th birthday party, and sewed the gloves myself. I did buy the original gloves, but they were so huge, I decided to just use some blizzard fleece and make my own. The buttons are made from yellow felt. The mustaches are from the store bought costume which could be easily made from felt and double sided tape. I also made a little stuffed belly for R. since Mario is "chubby."

Oh, if you are wondering whether or not I am crazy to spend $20 for each costume only to use the mustache...don't be. I bought the costumes last year at 90% off. The same costume that is selling currently, I bought for a mere $2.00 so it didn't bother me to only end up using the mustaches. The kids still play with the store bought costume, but they rather wear the one I put together.

Here is A. posing up a storm.

Toad's hat and vest were bought. You can't tell in this picture, but I did embellish the vest a little with some trim. I tea-dyed a white shirt and made the pants from white fleece (basically the only white fabric that was soft and not see through).

Aren't they cute? I'm keeping my fingers crossed they will be a set again for Halloween next year.

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