Monday, January 25, 2010

how much is that doggie in the window?

This is my 5 year old's favorite song to play on the piano. We have to sing the entire song before he is willing to play it. Ask anyone my opinion on dogs and they will say I have enough kids to take care of, let alone add another one to my plate. I have always believed that I would be petless at least until all my children are potty trained.

We went to the animal shelter yesterday since our appointment to meet with
the pool builder (another story) was canceled. We thought the kids would have a blast looking around and they definitely did. My husband and I thought it would be fun to have the kids play with this tiny yorkie poo we fell in love with looking through the window. After 2 hours in a tiny room, and much convincing by all my kids, we decided to take her home. It was hard to resist the 3 pleases we kept on hearing and even harder to resist the, "we can't leave her here by herself, she will be lonely.." That is what my 5 year old said. I tried bribing him with other things, but he is one of those kids that never asks for anything so that made it even more difficult. I only got 3 pleases because my 1 year old is mortified of anything that moves his way (dog included). We have a toy train that he sprints out of the room whenever it is turned on. He yells, "stop," and runs, but since it moves towards your voice, it just follows him around. Five minutes after we had signed her adoption papers, my husband and I looked at each other, started to chuckle and each said, "we have a dog, how did that happen?" This was completely unexpected.

Meet Daisy, our 3 year old Yorkie Poo that was adopted yesterday from our local animal shelter

Yorkie Poo - a dog that is bred by crossing a Poodle with a Yorkshire Terrier.

We have only had her for one evening, but she has been a wonderful addition to our family. My one year old is now in love with petting her (so long as she sits still and doesn't move towards him). If given the choice between a cat and a dog, I would say that I am definitely more of a cat person. However, we can't have cats because my four year old is highly allergic. He breaks out in hives around the felines. Our new addition doesn't bark, she doesn't chew on anything, she isn't aggressive, she is content following you around and sitting on your lap. If there ever was a dog that was more suited for our family, it would be her. She is basically the friendliest thing ever, a perfect Daisy...aren't they the friendliest flower (Meg Ryan says in You've got mail)?

Just so you know, Daisy's name did not come from the flower, but rather it came from the character from the Super Mario Bros video game. My sons love super mario and it was either Daisy or Princess Peach. Since I vetoed the later, please welcome Daisy to our family.

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  1. She is super cute! I love her, I can't wait to play with her this weekend :D


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