Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let the renovations begin

We met with the pool builder last night and reached an agreement. Although, we did go slightly over budget, we did get the grotto slide and pool finish we wanted. The picture above is indicative of what it will look like. Our slide will be a little bit larger and will be angled more. We were undecided about the outdoor kitchen. The area will be prepped and decking will be added regardless for a future addition if we do not proceed with the kitchen and arbor at this time. I am so excited that we are finally moving forward. I can't wait to get started. If all goes well, we should break ground in a month after getting all the necessary permits. Hopefully, the weather cooperates with us so we can finish by May. It will be wonderful to have it done before my 5 year old's birthday. E would be ecstatic and we could even have our very first pool birthday party! More pictures of process and progress will be posted as project gets underway!

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