Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good Bye Summer Parties

When we built our pool, we knew we wanted to share it with as many friends and family as we could. What fun is having a pool if you can't enjoy it with your friends? Therefore, we were on a quest to have small pool parties throughout the summer. We decided to keep it to 3-4 families each time so that we could really enjoy our friends.

Summer is now officially over for us. That means saying good bye to our summer pool parties. This summer, we have basically had a party every other weekend. Although, I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed having the many get togethers this summer, I am glad to be getting a break.

We have had many laughs

and smiles.

We have played in the sand box

and on the slide.

We have hidden in caves

and jumped into the water, not even knowing how to swim.

We have paddled through

water basket ball games, dodging the ball,

and dodging water gun fights.

We have relaxed in the spa among friends

and enjoyed the many different foods.

We have cooked

and we have catered (vietnamese summer rolls)

We have grilled

and grilled.

We have also eaten healthy,

and a little unhealthy...

but more importantly, we have definitely eaten.

Then, we have eaten some more..

rested a bit for a little drinking,

and then eaten even more so.

We made new friends a long the way as well as caught up with old friends.

In the end, we made wonderful lasting memories.

Many thanks to all our family and friends who came over this summer. We had a remarkable summer thanks to all of you.

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