Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New cabinet for the Island

When we came home from our trip to Disney World, my parents had surprised us with a visit. When my mom and dad come over, that means two things. I get A LOT of food from my mom and a lot of knowledge and creativity from my dad. As we stood around the kitchen island, my dad noticed all my junk mail piling up and suggested I make a magazine/mail rack for some organization. Usually, when I have guests, all my mail stays in my office.

As he stood there contemplating how he would create my magazine and mail rack. I told him what I really regretted was not building out our center island. The counter overhangs for counter-high bar stools. I did buy some bar stools there, but they were always in the way and since we already had bar-high stools on the other side of second kitchen island, there was no need for that additional seating. What I did need was much needed storage so that I could clear up my counters of my appliances I don't use frequently.

With that, my dad, a super creative genius drew up some plans to build out my counter and make it match my existing cabinets. We spent two days building or shall I say, he built, and I watched and learned.

Here is a picture of the cabinet in progress.

There will be cabinet doors that cover the shelves and some angled shelves on the right. I won't attach the doors until I get a chance to stain it it first so that I don't have to worry about the hardware getting stained. I've ordered the stain, but it hasn't come in yet. Since our original cabinets were stained by professionals, I had to track down their supplier to get the exact stain. Good thing, I made them write down the formula for me years ago when they came by to do some touch ups. The only bad thing is that the stain will cost me nearly the price of the cabinet.

I'll post info on how we made this cabinet and the finished product when it is all done. I'm so excited! This project rejuvenated me into starting some other projects that I been wanting to do, but that I had no idea how to do. I learned out the rip, dado and notch out wood. I learned how to use the table saw I bought and I learned how to use the router with this project. THANKS DAD!

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