Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning

It's always been a goal of mine to redo the garage.  I want the walls painted, an epoxy floor, enclosed shelving, to be able to park both cars in my garage AND to have a wood shop.  Do I sound like a guy?  You ask what exactly have I done?  Exactly nothing.  I was gung-ho about starting the renovation, but my hubby reminded me that it wasn't a necessity at the moment to redo the garage, especially when I hadn't reached my goal of paying off the house.  It's our number one goal at the moment so this huge project that is more for aesthetic will have to wait.

That didn't stop me from doing a little spring cleaning this past weekend.  My garage started out like this.  Leftover wood from the playhouse project, toys that needed to be donated, a lot of empty boxes (I seem to keep every box from every item I purchase, but I'm getting better), and a stack of items that needed to be returned filled up 1/4th of the garage.

The other 1/4 consisted of left over furniture, wood, and projects that needed to be finished.

Yes, I have cardboard on my garage floor because you never know when you will need cardboard.



The boxes on the floor is my donation stack so although it looks like I can finally park two cars in my garage when those items are gone, I wouldn't be able to open my door because of the shelving unit on the left. 

That is why I plan on moving them to the right side of the garage.  I didn't do it before because of the windows.  I thought it was always taboo to cover up windows, but I think my garage will be more functional.  I'll finally be able to park 2 cars comfortably.  I wouldn't have to crawl over to the passenger side to be able to get out.

Alas, it's a project for another weekend.   I remember having to put those shelving units together and the thought of clearing out all the stuff that is on it so that I can move it, is a bit scary.  I'm going to elicit some help, but don't warn my hubby as I am sure he won't be too pleased with me volunteering him.

At that time, I'll tackle painting the garage since I already have paint.  The epoxy floors will have to wait a couple of years.  I'll just dream about it. :)

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