Monday, June 4, 2012

Shopping Trip

My hubby and I went on a road trip to visit my mom this weekend.  We emptied our van in hopes of finding great things along the way.  I was looking for night stands for the kids room, a new desk and couch for my husband's office, and a new rug for my craft room.  

I went to the West Elm outlet store and was in love.  There was a huge selection of sofas. 

In the sea of sofas, 80% were slip covered sofas which wasn't what I was looking for.  I wanted something that had a lot of clean lines and my hubby found this little number.  It's West Elm's Henry sofa.

It's gray which is "the" color I was looking for since I planned on redoing his office in gray tones.  The couch was brand new, but the price didn't reflect that.  It retails for $699, but was on sale for $489.  We got an extra 25% off that day so that brought the total to only $366.75!  Can you say nearly 50% off for a brand new couch?  Good thing we emptied our van.

The next stop for me was lighting.  I found a few contenders.

cute, but won't go anywhere in my house.

 Love this
but had no idea where to put it in the house.  I am kicking myself for not buying this fixture.  It retails for $99, but it was marked only $39.00.  In hind sight, it would have been perfect in the laundry room.  Oh, well.  Don't want to make the 10 hour trip back to purchase so I'll keep my fingers crossed its still there at the end of the summer, but I won't hold my breath.

I love this drum pendant as well, but decided to leave it on the shelf.

So did I come home with any lighting you ask?

I came home with this lovely piece.  I have been wanting a capiz shell chandelier forever, but didn't buy one for two reasons.  The price tag was a bit pricey and I had a chandelier in my dining room that I liked.  Another reason was because my house is more rustic and this is more modern.  That being said, it came home with me because of this inspirational picture.

The table is rustic and old world looking, but the chandelier still looks fabulous.  This chandelier has inspired me to redo my dining room.  I will recycle the chandelier I have in there to my foyer.  What did I have to pay for this beauty?  This retails in stores right now for $299.  With a little digging (yes, digging though piles of steel (wish I took a picture for you), I found the entire set for only $110.  That's almost 2/3rds off!!!!  Score.

I sifted through hundreds of rugs, but didn't find "the" yellow rug I was looking for.

I found some cute dressers, but none came home with me.

I would have taken this home, but it had a broken leg.

I wanted the yellow lamp, but it only had one and I needed two.

This is the bedding I wanted and was hoping to find.  When I saw it at the store, I jumped for joy.  I squealed when I saw the $35 price tag, but was deflated when I couldn't find my size.  Therefore, it stayed at the store.  In hindsight, I could have bought it for the guest bedroom.  I'd be saving over $100.

As far as desk shopping.  My hubby found this one his own.  It was a gorgeous dining table (which is what we were looking for in his new space).  He wanted a huge table with no drawers and he found it.  A great piece with so much character.  You could feel the knots and see the tree imperfections.  This was perfect.

When I saw this inspirational picture of our table,  I knew this was the perfect table.

Since we are making it a desk, we didn't buy the matching bench.   This Carroll Farm table from West Elm retails for $599, but we took it home for only $349!  Best of all, it looks perfect with no damage.  In our picture, it looks like there is a scratch in the corner, but that's just sticky stuff from the price tag.  Do you see something else in this inspirational pic?  It's my chandelier!!

Our shopping trip was a huge success.  I am on my way to redecorating!  I'm so excited.

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