Monday, June 25, 2012

A touch of Yellow - Round 2 of the Office

This is what my hubby's office looked like after the first round of furniture placement.  I knew I wanted the office to be grey with a pop of color, but of course since it was for my hubby, the pop of color needed to be somewhat masculine.

I bought this yellow lampshade a few weeks back for my master bedroom.  I hadn't put it in yet because I didn't find a lamp base that I was ecstatic about.  Yet, when I placed it in the office, both my husband and I loved it.  Yellow would be my pop of color and this lampshade was the start to our color scheme.

On one of my shopping trips, I found this pillow I had to have.  At $12.99, I couldn't resist.  I loved the texture and the details and it matched the yellow lampshade perfectly.

It went perfectly with the couch.

 For the other side of the room, I placed the other yellow lampshade on a turquoise base.  I liked it, but not for that desk so that was a quick no.  I ended up returning it.

Instead, I replaced it with a more masculine mercury looking lamp.

 On the other side, I replaced the huge armoire with a bookshelf.  The size was a better fit.

I still need artwork on the walls, a new rug, and some floating shelves.  At least now, I know my color scheme.  I'm so happy with the yellow.

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