Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Infant Photo Shoot - 7 day old

Life's been pretty hectic lately with back to back photo shoots.  I'm having so much fun capturing all these special moments, but it has definitely cut into the time I normally would spend on other projects.

Meet my newest model.

At only 7 days old, this photo shoot was a bit challenging, but it was so much fun.  Adalina was definitely posing here.  My sister crotchet a wide assortment of head bands and hats that I brought with me to the shoot.  I ended up choosing this fushia flower band because it looked simply adorable.  I love the bright pop of color and the added fun element it brings to the picture.

This is actually my fruit basket that I had in my dining room.  I rocked Adalina to sleep in this scarf and decided to see if she would lie in the basket.  She was out like a log within seconds.

She looks so peaceful here.  I love it.

I just had to use this crazy hat my sister made.  I told her to make me a long santa hat and she came up with this.  Not knowing the head size, she used a wine bottle and it turned out to be perfect.

Thanks to P. and A. for allowing me to take the first photos of their very precious daughter.

It was such a delight

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