Monday, December 31, 2012

Lego Cupcakes

R.'s  birthday was a few weeks ago.  Although he opted out of having a party, he did want lego cupcakes so I made him some to bring to his school.

All I did was made a batch of vanilla cupcakes and piped on frosting using the 1M tip.  That's my favorite no fail tip.

I used my lego mold I made here and used candy melts to make the lego blocks.  The mini-figure mold I bought at the lego store.


My best advice for getting perfect figures is to shake the mold after you pour the candy melts so that all the air bubbles are released.

After the candy melts are set, I just popped them out of the mold and placed them randomly on the cupcake.

R. said they were a hit and since the molds I used are true to scale and looked pretty convincing, some kids were hesitant to eat them.

Not to worry, once R. demonstrated they were edible, the lego candy were the first to be scarfed down.  :)

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