Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nintendo 3ds XL for $140 or less!

I was pretty disappointed with all the black friday deals this year.  I always go shopping on black friday, but this year the experience was completely different.  It turned out to be so chaotic and getting to the point of violent that we left the store before the sale even began and I vowed never to do another black friday again.  Its not worth it.

What I found interesting was that everything sold in the store was also sold online at black friday prices so I have done the majority of my shopping online this year.  Sales this year seem to be better days leading up to Christmas.  Here's my newest find.  Best Buy is selling the 3DS XL for $159.99 which is the lowest price I've seen this winter, but I can beat that.  I printed out the bestbuy.com page and brought it into Target to price match.  I didn't have to bring the ad, I could just show them on my phone, but it was easier to have a printout in hand to show them what I was talking about.

I had no issues price matching yesterday.  What makes this deal sweeter is that Target is giving a $20 gift card with every 3DS XL purchase!  I used my Target Visa to get another 5% off and I had their pharmacy rewards card so that added another 5% off.  To top that if I may, I had a Target coupon for $8 off an $80 purchase!  That brought my total to $136.39 with the free $20 gift card, bringing the final amount to only $116.39!  That's a savings of $90 once tax is added into the mix!  Even without the 5% + 5% off + coupon, its still the best deal around at $139.99.  I don't know how long the deal lasts, but I'd get it now if it is on your Christmas list.

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