Friday, February 15, 2013

Rain Check puh leese

The majority of the time I am shopping, the sale item I want is on the shelf or another store has it so its a rarity that I request a rain check.  When an item is sold out at the store, you can oftentimes request a rain check which is a slip that promises you the sale price when it is restocked.  I have never redeemed the few rain checks that I have requested, except for today.

Last month, Target had Oral-B replacement heads on sale for $3.00.  That is a phenomenal deal since the store sells it regularly for $31.29.  Yes, you read that correct.  That's an enormous price difference.  The deal was too good to be true so it was sold out everywhere.  I gave up and requested a rain check.  

They finally restocked the shelves this week so I used my rain check to cash in on my deal.  It was such a cinch.  Purchase the item, show them your rain check receipt, instant savings!

I had a rain check for 5 3-packs.  Instead of spending $169.36 (cost with tax), I only paid $15.43.  I ended up paying only $2.75 for each pack since I have a Target Visa card.  This is a perfect example of how a rain check can save you a whole lotta money.

Now you must be thinking the replacement heads price is insane.  I generally do not buy them at Target, but rather at Costco since they are about $36.99 for a 7 pack.  Generally twice a year, they'll also have a $7 coupon bringing it down to $29.99.  Each toothbrush head comes out to about $4.28 which is a lot cheaper than Target's price of $10.43, but it certainly doesn't top my rain check price of only 92 cents each.  Crazy huh?  Let's just say I'll be smiling every time I brush my teeth now :)

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