Monday, February 4, 2013

Under the Sink Curtains

My sister is currently renovating her kitchen.  Although she still has a few things to tackle, she is hosting our book club meet this week so as a temporary solution to the hole underneath the sink, she asked me to sew her a curtain.  She replaced her sink with a farmhouse sink so in doing so, the doors no longer fit.


Instead of leaving an empty space for all to see her garbage disposal, I made her something to cover it up.  Since her cabinets are white, I decided that a big graphic print like this black and white damask would be perfect.  To tie in the teal curtains she has in the living room and kitchen walls, I added a little trim.

Even though this curtain would be under the sink, I did not want to show any seams or stitching.  First I sewed the trim onto the fabric.  Then I folded the top of the fabric down to cover the seam and I pressed in place. 

I made a simple pocket hole on the top so the curtain rod could be inserted through and I sewed a 3 inch bottom hem with a blind stitch so no thread would be seen.

Here's the lovely hole under the sink.  Its a little site for sore eyes, isn't it?

Right underneath is a tension rod to hold up the curtain.

I slipped the curtain in and voila, no more hole.


I think it is adorable. I love the detail and the extra layer with trim.

The kitchen is now ready for our little get together.

More details on her kitchen still to come :)

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