Sunday, June 22, 2014

Curtains out of a duvet


I'm redoing all the rooms upstairs.  Yes, every single one of them.  The rooms are slowly coming along and I am trying to re-purpose as much as possible.  When I asked E. the colors he wanted in his room, he told me blue.  Lately, I have been into stripes.  I think half the number of dresses I have in my closet are striped so you can probably bet that every room upstairs will have some sort of stripe in them.  So when I saw this duvet, I bought it because I loved it.

The duvet sat in the closet for a month.  E. and I went fabric shopping for curtains and I fell in love with once again, the navy and white striped fabric.  At $8.99 a yard, I would have spent approximately $17.98 for 4 yards (using my 50% off coupon).  Then I would have spent another $11.96 buying the cheapest muslin fabric to line the back for a total of $29.94.  That to me is actually not a bad price.

However, I realized I had a duvet in the closet with the same color and I definitely didn't want the room to be matchy matchy so I went home and decided to use the actual duvet as fabric for the curtains.


I don't have pictures of the process as it was midnight when I started and it was all done on a whim.  However, it was the EASIEST pair of curtains I had ever made.  First, I laid the fabric out on the floor and cut right down the center.


I turned right sides of the fabric together and sewed straight down (where I had made the cut).  I flipped the fabric back with right sides facing out and button the duvet together which were hidden so it was basically hemmed for me!


The last step, I sewed one straight line at the top so that I could place a rod in it to hang.  If you have curtain clips you can omit this step all together.

I couldn't believe that it took me 15 minutes to have a pair of lined and hemmed curtains.  The final price was only $13.48 as the queen sized duvet was on clearance!  Plus, I had 2 pillow shams as well!  You can't beat that now can you?  What's even better is that I love love love the curtains and so does E.

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