Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pool Project - Landscaping

My pool is still not complete. I am now at the frustrated point with this project as it is now coming on 3 weeks past the original projection date. My frustration comes from the lack of things being done with the pool. Two weeks of no work on the pool is the part that is what is frustrating.

The sprinkler person still has not finished their job. A few more days and it will be 3 weeks this person has had to finish hooking up our sprinklers around the pool. I got tired of waiting so I decided I would start landscaping anyway. He will just have to work around our plants at this point.

I decided I would get a move on it this past weekend because my plants were not fairing to well in pots. The wind kept knocking them over.

Here is what we came up with around our pool. We still have dozens of more shrubs to plant. Hopefully, this weekend will be rainfree so we will have the opportunity to continue work.

We decided to have no leaf dropping plants around the pool so we stuck with 6 palm trees, ornamental grasses (iris), indian hawthorne and some yaupon hollies. Do you like it?

We plan on tackling one of the side yards this week. Who knew that digging holes would take this long? Planting behind the pool took nearly 5 hours of constant digging for two people, but it was certainly worth it. One less mud pit in our yard. Only two more to go!

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