Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Creating Your Own Cartoon Character

I see more and more blog headers with the owner of the blog being portrayed by their very own cartoon characters. I think it is quite cute. I use FireWorks as my photo editor. Yes, I know I am ancient. I actually think it is now owned by Adobe which is known for the the more popular image editing program, Photoshop. I can edit photos, but am not that creative in generating drawings of my own.

In my googling search, I found several sites that charge to create a cartoon character using a photograph. However, yahoo has a program that allows you to create your own character using their wide range of selections including hair styles, skin color, backgrounds and clothing. I thought it was really great. Here is what I created for myself.

So does she look like me? If you find yourself bored and wanna create your own cartoon of yourself, go here.

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