Friday, June 18, 2010

Go Lakers!

There is a crazy sports fanatic in every family, right? In our family it would be my hubby. He was raised in CA so his all time favorite basketball team is the Lakers. Despite the different locations we live in, he has remained loyal to his team.

We went to a game once in SA where the entire crowd cheered for the Spurs. Mr. N. had no problem being the only one cheering for the Lakers. He wore his jersey proudly. Out of our four sons, he has converted two of them to march in his foot steps.

Last night, our house was like this.

The Lakers Fans: J., A., and Mr. N.
That's A.'s "cheese" face. I can't seem to get him to smile any other way in front of the camera.

Yay, Kobe!

Watching the game intently. Can't sit on the couch for that.

...and when the Lakers won, A. was the first to cheer, "Go Lakers!"

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