Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kitchen Cabinets Done

My parents came to visit this weekend and you know what that means...my family gets fed too much food and long lasting projects finally get completed.

Remember this? I asked my father to build me some cabinets for our island during Christmas.

I finally got around to staining it, but never put on the doors because I didn't want to mess up.

Now, alas, the doors are put in place and my cabinets are complete.

The doors are identical to my original cabinets. You can see the original cabinets in the back on the left corner of the picture. The only thing missing now are some matching hardware, but I am not in a rush for that. I'm just in awe of how my cabinets turned out.

One thing checked off my list...a hundred more to go....too bad this holiday isn't longer than it is...


  1. Wow! The new cabinet really looked identical to the other one—minus the drawers, of course. Anyway, my curiosity is tickling me. Those two cabinets share the same color scheme. Is it you who painted the other one? Anyway, they both looked great!

    Bronwyn Hass

    1. When my house was built, they made the stain color custom to order so I kept the recipe and had it remixed when I built these cabinets to match. It was a lot more expensive than picking up a can at lowes, but it was worth it.


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