Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lego Birthday Party

Over the weekend, we celebrated E.'s 7th birthday with a Lego Birthday Party. When he asked for this, I really had no idea where to start. Fortunately, I found so many resources online that I wanted to do it all. Here are some of the things that made it to the party.

I started with hand made invitations. I went photoshopping away and designed these:

The most time consuming part of the invitation was modifying the lego man. I found an image of a surfer mini-figure to coincide with the pool party motif, but he had a beard, blond hair and no glasses....nothing like E, so off to the salon he went. I shaved off his beard, gave him some glasses and he got a new do.

When the kiddos arrived, everyone wanted to immediately jump in the pool and go swimming. If they were hungry, they got to snack on cheetos, oreos, chips, popcorn and wafer cookies.

Last year, the cupcakes melted in the heat so I kept those inside the house until after lunch. I also wanted the kids to have room for lunch which leads me to the lunch menu. We served homemade pizza (E.'s favorite). I made the crust into a square and added pepperoni slices on top to make it resemble a lego block. The kids also ate watermelon slices and chips along with their pizza.

After lunch was cake. I made this lego cake out of fondant.

One layer was chocolate and one layer was white.

The lego man was made from rice krispy treats.

Along with cake, we had cupcakes, and lego pops.

I used a cupcake stand to display additional cupcakes and candies.

I used my molds I had bought and made to make lego candy from candy melts.

I love the simplicity of the lego candy. They look so real, don't they?

I built a box to surround the lego pops out of duplo blocks.

I had fun decorating the different faces of the lego pops.

After eating cake and candy, the kids enjoyed some "lego" games. First up was guessing how many legos were in the jar. The winner got to choose between iron man lego set or a mini-figure key chain.

Then, the kids played a game I would like to call, the lego pick up game. I grouped the kids into 3 teams. Each team member had a minute or two to pick up as many pieces of legos using their chopsticks as they could before handing the chopsticks to the next person. When everyone had gone, we counted the pieces and the team with the most legos won a prize.

I ordered the kid chopsticks off of amazon and tested the possibility of picking up the legos with my kids beforehand.

The next game was seeing how high the kids could stack legos in a certain amount of time. The wind made it especially difficult, but the kids loved the challenge.

(re-enacted photos...I was too busy to take photos during the party)

After the games, it was time to go home. Each kid received a goodie bag. The goodie bags were just colored bags I bought at Michael's and applied 1.5" circles on the front to make it resemble lego blocks.

I went on the Lego site and nabbed some mini-figure pics to print out name tags on the bags for a personal touch.

Inside the bag, was a lego club magazine and a lego set (either an airplane or a car) that I bought at the Lego store (from the lego birthday kit). I did try to get last month's flower mini-build for the girls, but they ran out.

I also included a package of mini-figure crayons that I made and a package of either mini-figure soap or lego brick soap that I also made.

Since I decided to hand out juice boxes instead of individual cups, the kids got to pick out a lego-head straw to take home with them.

I am beyond lego'd out, how about you? In the end, the weeks of preparation was well worth it to see E. have a wonderful birthday. As thank you cards, I printed out a group picture of all the kids at the party. I don't know if their parents want their pictures online so I'll let you use your imagination on that one.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday E. You are definitely worth every minute spent.


  1. what a great night! It looks like everyone had so much fun, and I am in love with the super cute decorations.

  2. How did you make those super cute straw heads? Need to make them before Sunday... Loved your lego party!

  3. You are absolutely brilliant! I really enjoy reading all your blogs! Your sons are blessed to have such a creative and caring mother. God Bless! Can't wait to see what you get up to next. Martha, if your looking to hire...

  4. I know this post if from awhile ago, but how did you get all those copies of the Lego Club magazine?

    1. I've had 2 Lego parties now and all I do is go to the Lego store and ask for any extra copies they have. They have an abundance the beginning of the month. They may give you the previous month's magazine if they have a lot of extra or they may give you this month's since they just received a shipment. I even asked for bags and they were happy to give them to me.

    2. Thanks so much for this tip on the magazines! My son is turning 9 next month and I'm looking for favor ideas. So glad I found your blog! Your son's party looks great!

  5. Adorable party! I need these invitations! Would you be willing to sell them in an editable format?

    1. Amanda, let me see if I can find it first :) and I'll let you know.

    2. I found them! However, it is going to probably take a lot of editing. Email me your info you want on the card (If you still need the invitation).


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