Friday, June 17, 2011

New Paint!

My sister's house is slowly coming along. Two more rooms are painted now. The dining and formal living room have been changed from this dark army green color... a cool shade of gray.

Along with the color change, the draperies and chandelier will also change. The windows will be dressed with probably vibrant colors and the chandelier will be along the lines of this:

The capiz shells add a little romance while the rectangle shape allows the space to remain modern. As far as the dining table, it will more than likely be built with a bench on one side.

Changing the ceiling color to white definitely makes the room bigger, cheerier and cleaner than the dark khaki ceiling color. I know, I should have waited until the room was clear before nabbing a quick snap shot of the new color.

They decided to not paint all the walls in the room. I wish I snapped a before picture of the adjoining formal living room. Do you see that triangle of white on the top corner of the picture. Originally, it was painted green. Instead of painting it gray to match the color scheme of the original owner, they decided to paint it white. To me, this makes the window more symmetrical. I love the way it turned out. The formal living room will be turned into a more casual place for both the kids and adults to play.

Their Karlstad couch will sit in front of the windows. Their couch is a lighter gray with chrome legs.

A large orange frieze rug like this will adorn the floors to make the space more casual and colorful.

They also decided to paint all the columns the hallway color so that it would disappear. Originally, it was painted green as well. Instead of closing off the space by painting it gray, the decided to have it blend it with the rest, making it feel more open. I know I should waited until the floor was clean to take a snapshot.

Now that the spaces are painted, it's time to shop and put the rooms together. It may be a while before the rooms will be complete since the couch they want for the family room is out of stock so the couch that is supposed to be in this space is being used in the family room for seating. Stay tuned to find out how the rooms turn out.

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