Friday, June 10, 2011

Red, White, and Blue Jello Squares

Are you ready for the fourth of July? Okay, I know it is a bit early to start baking and bar-b-queing away, but I needed some excuse to make this jello recipe again (just half the condensed milk portion). I decided to stick to the patriotic colors of red, white and blue. The verdict? A success. The flavor combination of strawberry, blue raspberry and the condensed milk center was delish if I do say so myself.

I decided to make slices as well.

I contemplated making a bunch of red and white stripes like the American flag, but decided on this instead. I know it looks more like the flag of France than it does the U.S., but they are still tasty none-the-less. What kinds of foods do you like to eat on the Fourth of July?

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