Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cleaning out the Closet

I finally got up and started cleaning A.'s closet so he could have it back. I couldn't believe some things I found.

Yes, it is pretty sad. I probably only kept 5% of the clothes in there. Everything was too small and needed to be donated. I also had boxes of new baby clothes that could be given away.

It was so messy, you couldn't walk into the walk-in closet. We had a lot of everything in it.

After removing all the baby clothes, I was able to declutter A.'s room a little by storing some of his toys in the closet.

Yes, know, I still have dozens of frames and two storage bins of baby gifts.

I hope to build a book shelf in the back of the closet..something like this:

Since the closet is very deep, I plan on hanging a curtain in front of it so that the kids have a play area in the back.

I have requests for a hidden "cave" already. The closet is located under the stairs so there is so much room. Couldn't you see a bookshelf with books, a flashlight, a little rug on the floor with pillows and twinkly lights on the ceiling? Wouldn't that be fun? That will be a project for another day. I'm just happy that the closet is finally clean. I just have to clean the hallway where all the items ended up ;)

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