Friday, August 5, 2011

Fabulous Freebies at Target yet again

Last week was all about free chocolate. This week I discovered another great freebie. I had to buy a new pair of barber shears, since I often cut my kids' hair and decided to purchase the shears shown below because they were on sale. Plus, I had a $2.o0 coupon in my stash that I could use for an even greater savings. With the sale and coupon, I saved over $4.00 on something I was going to buy anyway. Not a bad deal, right? Now you are probably wondering, what exactly is the freebie then.

It's what comes after that is fabulous. What was great was receiving two coupons after I had paid for my scissors. I received a $5.00 off two revlon tools and a $2.00 off revlon tool catalina (a coupon that is printed at the register).

Pair that with the revlon coupon found at the website (I know it says walmart on the coupon, but when you print it, it isn't store specific), and you get $8.00 off 4 items!

Items start at $1.59 for nail clippers so it is possible to get 4 free items, depending upon what items you select. What is even better is that you get another set of coupons with each purchase. What a great rolling offer, right?

Here are some of my stash for two trips at Target (I gave away some already).

I still have 6 more coupons to redeem.

I showed my hubby my freebie stash and he was ecstatic. I was more elated with the free chocolate, but since he loses my nail clippers all the time, his remark was, "now I can have a pair everywhere in the house an not worry about you yelling at me to put them back. woo-hoo!" Whatever makes you happy, right? As you can see, you don't have to be limited to purchasing only nail clippers. You can choose between tweezers, eyelash curlers, scissors, nail filers, countless possibilities and all for free (depending upon what you select).

You know what is even better than not having to pay for any of the items above? That's having the store pay you. I brought in my own bag so I left with all those items and an additional 10 cents in my pocket. Now that is fab-o-lus, if you ask me.

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