Monday, February 20, 2012

Hanging Pictures

My canvas prints have been sitting on the floor for weeks now. I've been walking by them wanting to hang them up for quite some time.

Remember this wall? I decided that I would replace the flowers with my canvas prints.

The way I like to hang portraits is to lay a piece of paper on top of the frame.

I punch a hole through the paper where the nail needs to be.

Then I use some painter's tape and tape the paper to the wall. At this time, I am leveling the top and measuring the spacing in between. The painter's tape makes it super easy to move the paper around without damaging the paint on the wall.

When I finally am ready, I hammer a nail into the hole that was made earlier (through the paper). Rip off the paper and replace with your portraits.

Because I have a bunch of holes on the wall from the flowers, I decided to replace some of the flowers until I am ready to fill in the holes which aren't too obvious unless you look for them.

I doubt I'll leave the flowers up on the wall, but for the meantime, it will do.

I am loving those prints though. Three pics for $30 is a steal in my book, especially when it makes me so happy to look at.

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