Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The beginnings of a new office

When E. and R. moved out of their room, all the things that didn't go into their new room stayed.  Along with all the furniture that was in the rest of the house that we didn't want.  My hubby decided to camp out in this crazy space and make it into his office. 

As you can see, it was a disaster area.  Furniture was everywhere.


There were still E.'s posters up.  I built up some muscles moving out all the furniture myself.  You can do a lot when you are forced to.  I have mastered wiggling the furniture back and forth and scooting on my bottom and using my back and legs to move heavy pieces.  Who needs a man, right?  Well, eventually I did need someone to help carry the couch downstairs.  Pushing only gets the furniture out of the room, not down a curved set of stairs (although, I have managed to figure out how to get a table downstairs by my self). 

Enough about moving, more about what I've done.  So, I woke up super early this weekend to paint.  The taupe color is now Tempered Gray.  I LOVE it. Getting rid of all the furniture and adding the new furniture, I am left with this. 

The room looks so much more light and airy.   The furniture placement is just a start.  I am still moving things around.  The armoire at the end has been banished out of here, along with the super mario picture on the closet.  The door has been rehung (we had to remove it to get the couch into the room).

The large monitor/t.v. will be hung on the wall and the table will be removed.  I plan on getting new chairs and pillows for the couch.  The desk by the couch wasn't supposed to be in the room, but my hubby suggested we keep it so that I can scrapbook in there if I wanted to.  Isn't that sweet?  I do have a craft room, but it gets a little too quiet for me so I am always scrapbooking or sewing in the living room to be around family.

The book shelf in the corner has already been moved to the other side of the room (where the armoire is).  The cords will also be hidden once we get his monitors situated.  Now that he has a bigger table, he is able to get three monitors and wants a special stand to hold them all.  I bought him the huge monitor/tv for that purpose, but it wasn't enough for his work.  I also plan on getting a bright rug and changing out the lampshade.

Art work will need to go up on the walls as well as maybe some floating shelves.

 Much more to do, but it is a great start. We both love the new space.
What a difference a little paint and the right furniture can do to a space.

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