Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kitchen Renovations - Installing a New Farmhouse Sink

My sister has been renovating her kitchen.  She's always wanted a farmhouse sink.  It's interesting because I consider her design style leaning towards modern rather than country designs, but she simply loves the white farmhouse sink so much she traded her stainless steel one for it instead.

You can see her original stainless sink in the picture below on the right.
Her cabinets were nice an intact until

a little cutting and framing was done.

Supports were placed under the sink to hold it up.


Next up, the cabinet doors will need to be re-sized, painted and installed along with a new dishwasher.  Renovations are slowly coming along.


  1. What did you do with those wood cabinets? I want them and promise to care for's a great piece of work and also you Choose a flooring that is not too slippery when wet, otherwise people can fall and be injured. Kitchen renovation

    1. The wood doors and cabinets will be re-purposed. The cabinets will be painted and the doors will be cut to size and painted as well.


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