Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Reading

Every summer, I force challenge the kids to join a book club.  They set a goal as to how many books they want to commit to.  We try to be realistic, but definitely set a number that is challenging enough so that it will take them nearly the entire summer to achieve.  Since my kids are not too gung-ho about reading, I decided to face the same challenge with my kids and sign up for the adult reading challenge at the library as well.  I wanted to teach my kids that reading is definitely for everyone, young and old young at heart.  I am definitely not an avid reader by any means so I set my goal for 6 books this summer and I was dumbfoundedly surprised when I looked at my log to see that I had read 20 books in 10 weeks.  That is definitely more than I had read all of last year.  Don't get me wrong, I read every day for work and researching, but I don't set any time to read any books, telling myself that I simply do not have the time.  This summer I made the time, and what I learned was that reading was so addicting that my reality t.v. shows I love so much were put on the back burner.


This week, my kids finally met their reading challenge and were so excited to go to the library so that they could get their certificates and free book.  As an adult, I didn't get a free book like my kiddos or a certificate, but what I did get was so much more.  As cheesy as it sounds, I found a new love for reading so that in itself was a great gift.

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