Friday, September 21, 2012

Kitchen Renovations - New Countertops

I snuck into my sister's house one day to check out her new countertops.  Aren't they beautiful?  She decided to go with the classic granite countertops.  The color is absolute black.  It's black with tiny little silvery specks.  The kitchen is slowly coming along and the new countertops makes a huge difference in this renovation.

If you don't remember what it looked like before, here's a pic.   The formica counter that was there before was neutral and functional, but too traditional in color for her tastes.
She decided to extend her island to house a wine rack on the end.  The rack hasn't been built yet (hence, the temporary 1x2 holding up the end), but the extension makes the island more grand and ideal in this kitchen, not that she needs any more counter space.  She's got plenty.

With the new countertops, the new dishwasher can be installed.  I love her selection.

It goes perfectly with her new range.

Do you see the tiny specks in the granite?

For a truly unique faucet, she chose this. 

It does carry a hefty price tag, but since her hubby demoed the kitchen himself, saving quite a bit, this splurge was definitely worth it.  You can read about the demo on her site, here

The kitchen is slowly coming along.  All appliances except for the microwave are in place.  The cabinets are almost ready.  Wait for the reveal.  What's left are the backsplash and the floors.  I can't wait to see the finished look.


  1. I feel jealous while just browsing these pictures. I wish I could have that kind of kitchen when the time I already have my own home.

  2. Your sister has a gorgeous and spacious kitchen! She made a good choice in black. It really brought about a more classic aesthetic in the kitchen. I’m sure that this will be very awesome after the tiles and sockets are in place.


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