Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kitchen Renovations - Prepping for new backsplash

The last we left off of my sister's kitchen renovations, she installed a new sink and new cooktop,

The backsplash, while nice for this traditional kitchen, wouldn't do in her new kitchen.
She wants the classic white subway tiles, but to get those babies on, the old backsplash must come down.  Let's first start with one tile.

Hmm...although pretty as that was, trying to remove all the tile would prove to be a little more messy.  The original tile sat on top of the drywall.  That's a no-no in my book.

Therefore, it must come down.  Also, coming down is the microwave.

 That's much better.

After clearing out all the dry wall, the studs are clearly visible.

Next up, is attaching the hardiebacker.   Hardiebacker is moisture and mildew resistant which drywall is certainly not.  Therefore, it is a much better solution for the backsplash.

Before the demolition:

After the clean-up:

The walls are now prepped for the tiles, but up next are the counter tops.  There are more pictures on my sister's site here

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