Friday, March 5, 2010

The Big Dig!

We have the pool permits and they are now ready to start digging for our pool! This is what my backyard looks like right now! I am so excited.
First they had to remove our fence and fence post.
They then laid a layer of dirt over the concrete to provide some cushion for the bobcat to drive across.
This is a bobcat. It is a lot smaller than the huge machine that digs the pool.

It's job today is to move the dirt that is dug from the larger machine (I don't know what its called) to the trucks waiting on the street.
The dirt piles up fast because the large machine has a huge scoop.
Our concrete patio has to be pulled up. Here it is being torn to shreds in about half an hour.
About an hour into the project, the pool shape is drawn out over the dirt and forms are staked as a guide.
They start to dig even before all the forms are staked in.
Heavy Duty tools used to dig.
Four hours later, you start to see the formation of the pool.As the machine makes large cuts into the ground, there is someone that makes the finer cuts along the edge.
Here is E capturing all the footage. He was so excited to get home to watch. Looks like the workers hadn't had their lunch yet.
3 hours later and "the Big Dig" is over. We started with this:
..and ended up with this:Here is the final product of a day's worth of digging.What a mess! Today they took away the dirt. Tomorrow, they will bring in the steel.

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