Sunday, March 7, 2010

Next came Steel

After the big dig, came the steel. They came over yesterday to reinforce the pool with rebar. It was quite interesting to see them bend and mold the steel around the pool, creating different levels, including all the seating.

Here is the finished product.
This is a pic of our soon to be raised spa.
Can you see the seating? The rebar has been molding to create the seating inside the spa.
Here is the other side of the pool which will house the grotto water slide. There will be a seat under the grotto. It will be like sitting underneath a waterfall. The seat is located near the shovel on the left.
They dug deep holes to provide the reinforcement needed to hold up all the rock boulders that will be used to create our 4 foot grotto.
Let's recap. First there was just a playset (or two).
Then came the big dig:To which steel came next:
Followed by plumbing which will occur tomorrow if it stops raining. We have already been delayed a week because of the rain. I am hoping that there isn't much more. Keep your fingers crossed! I'll post pictures when it occurs.

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