Friday, June 11, 2010

Flourless Fried Chicken

Whenever I go out of town, I generally prepare dinner for the nights that I will be out. I am the cook in the family, unless you call my husband ordering take-out or getting Micky D's making a meal. I spent this past weekend cooking up a storm.

One of the kids favorites is my Fried Chicken. I know, not the healthiest of meals, but I am always sure their plate will be clean with this one. At one time, R. was allergic to wheat so I decided I would make it flourless and it turned out to be one of the most requested recipes in my home, especially by A. my youngest.

Garlic Powder


SEASON your chicken with the ingredients listed above.

I generally start out with salt first. Then I add the other seasonings simply by shaking it right on top, rotating the chicken so that every part of the chicken is coated.

Once it is seasoned well, fry it up in HOT vegetable oil for approximately 25 minutes.

Make sure the oil is hot before adding the chicken so that once the chicken is added, it sears the exterior surface, making the skin crispy as well as sealing the interior of the chicken to make it moist. I usually rotate the chicken once in the beginning after it has been seared on one side.

After about 25 minutes, the chicken should be ready. Check with a thermometer if you are unsure. Remove the chicken from the oil and dry on paper towels.

Add some sides, and its the perfect kids meal in our home. This week, I prepared some steamed rice and roasted corn to go with the chicken.

A. didn't have a problem eating here.

or here.

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