Monday, June 14, 2010

Into the Cold in the Middle of Summer

I was out in San Jose once again this past week. It's strange coming from 100+ degree weather to 50 degrees. I didn't necessarily pack for the outside weather as much as I packed for my day at work. It's June, so you would think summer dresses and skirts are in order, right? Not for me. I've made that mistake before. What were in my luggage were sweaters, sweaters, sweaters, and did I mention sweaters?

I am in my very heavy wool coat, and thick scarf. Crazy? What's crazy is when I get into work, I will have added gloves and a hat to my ensemble. Underneath the coat are two more sweaters and a shirt. Still, I wasn't warm enough. I work in a lab and it is so cold that a parka is necessary, that and doing a few jumping jacks to warm up every so often.

My workplace in CA is as cold as a meat locker. What I find funny are those that join me in the lab and chuckle at my wardrobe. An hour later, I usually don't hear any more chuckles, but rather, hear offers for my gloves and hat. How ironic it is for me to travel miles to the sunny state of CA, only to freeze to death. I am happy to finally be home where the weather is nice and warm and where my job here doesn't require me to pack a heavy coat.

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