Wednesday, October 20, 2010

3 days and counting

I have three days left before the big exam day! I certainly do not look forward to spending my entire Saturday taking this exam, but I will be elated that it will be finally over and I will finally get my weekends back. I am praying so hard that I pass it because restudying for this exam again would be horrible.

I can't wait to start some new projects as well as finish some ones that I left pending. Right after the test, I plan on diving right back into the wedding planning mode (no, I'm not getting married's my sister's wedding) and share some cost-saving strategies for that big day. On top of that, it is my goal to redo all the kids bedrooms again. I simply can't wait.

Because every post is better with a picture. Here is what I will be feeling Saturday at 3PM (after 6 long hours) when the test is over.

Wish me luck! I certainly need it.

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