Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Decor

Here's my mantel for the summer. I'm not in love with the mirror, but I love the flowers and the colors.

To me, it's simple, bright and cheery.

I love Halloween, but I don't usually decorate too much for this holiday. However, I needed a break from all my studying so I decided to redecorate my mantel for the month of October. I shopped around and couldn't find anything that I was too excited about so after walking home with a single bag of candy corn, I decided to shop around my house instead.

I took some frames that were literally just laying around.

Next, I took some handmade scrapbook paper that I had on hand.

I needed some Halloween images, but my husband overtook my craft room which housed my laptop and printer so I found this pumpkin carving booklet and decided to use the images in the book.

The simpler the image, the better. I cut out the paper image and used it to cut out the image onto fabric.

I chose a cat and a haunted house (nothing too scary for my kiddos).

I placed the fabric image onto my scrapbook paper and framed it.

Since the frame is 11 x 14 and my paper is 12 x 12, I cut a piece of black fabric to fill in the empty space on the bottom. I used a green ribbon as a divider. I love the way it turned out.

And now for my mantel reveal.

From bright and cheery to....

a more goolish feel.

The total price tag for the change was $2.49, the price of a bag of candy corn. I want to also make a Halloween wreath, but I will need to muster up some more time to make another field trip to the craft store for that one. Until then, I am pretty happy with the way my mantel turned out.

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