Tuesday, October 26, 2010

50% Outerwear at Old Navy

I'm excited that winter is near. It's almost time to put on those winter coats. Old Navy is thanking their customers for reaching the one million mark on their facebook page with a 50% coupon for a single outerwear purchase. For online purchases, use code OUTER50. For in store coupon, print this. This offer is valid only until October 28th.

I definitely do not need another trench, but am loving this one.

For a pop of color, I find this one to be adorable. Happy Shopping!


  1. I went to Old Navy (Firewheel) yesterday to look for that yellow coat because I LOVE it. I didn't find it. Ugghh. I'll keep looking

  2. I ordered it online only to have them cancel my order because it was sold out! :(


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