Monday, July 18, 2011

Free Chocolate

It was no surprise that I landed at Target last week (a weekly task) with all my kiddos. I had read a rumor that buying the Wonka Exceptions chocolate bar would stimulate a catalina coupon for another free bar. I went ahead and bought a bar to split with my kids (great shopping bribery). When I reached the registers, a catalina coupon did print out!!! What was even better was the cashier immediately took my coupon and scanned it to be used instantly! I was surprised by that and what was even better, the machine printed out another coupon so you know what that means? I get another one for free.

This is a rolling offer, meaning, every time you buy a bar of chocolate (even with a coupon), you should get another coupon for a free bar. I've redeemed 5 coupons already and still have two more. I know what you are thinking, crazy right? I shop at Target all the time so it is no trouble for me to throw in a candy bar or two into my cart while I am there. My kids are definitely loving the free chocolate. Who knows how may coupons will print out so if you want some free chocolate stop by and pick one up today.

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