Friday, July 8, 2011

Petite Shoes

At five feet tall, I'm pretty short. It's hard finding clothes and now that my feet have shrunk, I'm now walking in 5 1/2 shoes. My mother has a more difficult time finding clothes at only 4 feet 8 inches. Her shoes size is a girls size 1 or 2 depending upon the style. No, you didn't read that wrong, her feet are tiny. Imagine trying to find stilettos in a size 2.

We went shopping yesterday to find her some wedges. Luckily, we did find some comfy shoes for her, but adult styled shoes at kids sizes is very difficult to come by so I made it my mission to find some shoes for her since all the high heels that she has are now reaching 35 years old. She repairs them constantly, but I thought it was high time to find something new for her.

Doing some research, I discovered that a kids size 2 shoe is equivalent to a woman's size 4. That makes my job a lot easier. I lucked out that Nordstrom and zappos have select shoes in size 4. A few things I put into my shopping cart were these:

I love the way these look. Of course, I couldn't walk in them, but I could totally see my mom dancing the tango in these. Yes, my parents ball room dance. I love that about them. Seeing that most of her fun shoes have seen better days, I thought these would be great.

For a more comfortable shoe my mom is always telling me that her leather shoes have withstood the 35 years of walking so I thought these looked comfy to stroll in.

Now for the glam shoe. I couldn't resist these shoes because they are so adorable. Hopefully they don't look like she is a street walker when she tries them on.

Here's my selection for the practical shoe. She wears a lot of suit type clothing so I figured these shoes would go well with every outfit.

So, she may not like everything that I selected, but I can't wait for them to arrive and have her try them on. She's done a lot for me the last few weeks so buying her some shoes is a small token of my appreciation. The last time she got a new pair of heels was when I was in high school. I took a trip to CA and found a shoe store that made custom shoes. I nabbed one of her favorite pairs before I left and brought them to the store so they could match the size. It took a month to make, but they were worth it. She loved them. Hopefully, she'll love these. I did find some more church going shoes should these be just too over the top. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they fit. If not, thank goodness for free returns.

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