Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Closet Curtains

Remember A.'s closet clean out? I had a little extra time this weekend so I decided to make some curtains for the closet to cover up the back storage.

Start out by picking out your fabric. I decided to use the same fabric as A.'s window curtains for consistency. I did add a little gray-blue twill border because I was short about 3 inches in fabric. It added an 15 extra minutes to my project, but it turned out better than my original plan.

To make curtains, decide what kind of curtains you want. I decided to make the cheapest and fastest curtains. The panels that I made were slid onto the curtain rod without any rings or any other hardware.

Start out by measuring the panel length. Mine are 67 inches. I sewed the gray-blue fabric onto the stripes first. Then, I hemmed a quarter of an inch on both sides of the panel lengthwise.

For the top of the curtain, I made a 2 inch hem, ensuring that no matter what rod I chose, it should have had no problem sliding through. You could alter the width according to your rod diameter.

I had a 4 inch hem on the bottom. Normally I have a 3 inch hem, but since I was short 4 inches with the striped fabric, I decided to make the entire gray blue fabric the hem so that you don't see the horizontal stitch line from behind the curtain.

I used a tension rod that I already had and slid the curtain onto it. It was perfect because I could remove the curtains quite easily when I needed to, without leaving any additional holes behind.

Let's remind ourselves of what the closet looked like before.

Yes, pretty bad, I know. Here it is, cleaned up without the curtain.

Now, with the curtain, it looks a lot better.

E. has already started playing behind the curtain. After I hung the curtains, my hubby asked me when I was going to work on the office curtains. He wants some curtains to cover up the french doors so he could work from home sometimes without the kids knowing. I need some fabric for that first, so shopping I'll have to do.

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