Monday, October 10, 2011

Habitat Restore

My Dad told me how great the Habitat Restore is so my sister and I decided to check it out last week. After getting lost (I'll use road construction as my excuse), we weren't disappointed when we saw these.

An aisle full of cabinet doors for a mere 1.00! I was anticipating on building E. a built-in for his room so these doors would save me a lot of time. The built in cabinet doors under my kitchen island took six hours to reproduce so at only $1.00, this was definitely a steal.

My sister and I loaded up a cart full of unfinished doors to be used for different projects. Once I start building, I'll be back for some molding (I'll need my van for those 10 feet pieces) and my sister will be back for her subway tiles (those were only $5 for a box) when she starts her kitchen reno.

Next time you have a home improvement store, check out the Habitat Restore to see what they have first. It may save you some money while helping a good cause.

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